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Collaboration in Consent Based Conversation

Curation of Conversation

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Campaign RyMo

Campaign RyMo is a legacy project aimed at reimagining the spaces in which we are engaged as a whole city. Campaign RyMo is focused on the health of our city, through process development and engagement. We have reached out to the arts community to provide imagery and language that provokes curiosity and conversation. This is a campaign where discourse and collaboration respectfully coexist. This is the beginning of a future with more direct democracy.

Equity &


Access to many traditional political institutions are viewed as uninviting and/or unsafe for many of our neighbours. Campaign RyMo searches for the spaces and places that we, as a city, seek to explore, express, and live our lives in their fullest. What role do you play in supporting consent based conversation in collaborative decision making? 



Ideas grow better together :
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"A healthy city is more than a place to survive - it is a place where individuals are provided the collective means to thrive."

— RyMo

Who is a city :
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Invitation to


Campaign RyMo invites active participation from the community. Find out what you love about us, and find out what you don't. If you would like to see something change, we encourage you to speak your truth.

If you would like a more direct role in supporting the different mediums of art in public engagement, purchase a piece of Campaign RyMo art work. 

If you want to join the Campaign RyMo team, let us know. We have roles for the tech, and traditional, the wild, and the weird. Express your RyMo.