Is this a joke?

Nah, t'isn't. We are exploring less used expression mediums...including some satire. However, our intentions are to go beyond "winning votes" and focus on creating an unignorable change in the process of municipal democracy. No matter who serves as Mayor, we want them obliged to better serve you through our RyMo proccess.

What happens if you win?

Most campaigns aim to seat a single candidate, for election day, and call it quits after the results are in. A victory for Campaign RyMo comes in the shared progressive change of the city, practiced in everyday cultural expressions. RyMo as Mayor on October 20, is a direction for the campaign, the product of what that looks like lies in collective voice of the city.

What are your feelings on the squirrel cull?

Campaign RyMo does not take sides on hot issues, but rather aims to create space and place that are safe to hear both sides of the argument. There is always an opportunity to learn something new, even when it doesn't reflect your own values.


What does RyMo mean by process instead of product?

The power of democracy comes from sourcing information from the many points of views within a given populace. Campaign RyMo focuses on the sourcing, as a multifaceted process. This process enables transformation of input into many different products( reducing redundancy & conserving people's time/resources) - as apposed to promising a product and retroactively creating engagement to support that outcome.

How do I host a RyMo event?

Have a group of ten or more that would like to sit down to share conversation with a real live human candidate? Your'e in luck. Turns out that RyMo is just as disenchanted with the pageantry of public addresses, speeches, and elevator pitches... and also enjoys real live human conversation.  Contact us with date and time to see if we can schedule a meet up!


Any other questions?

Please contact us, as we will update the FAQ as the questions roll through.